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We are a data analytics startup with a social perspective, we seek to create shared value between industry and society through digital technology.

We believe that digital technology improves and transforms businesses, societies and lives.

About Us

Our values

Glouphi pasión

We are Passionate

Glouphi innovación

Looking for Innovation

Glouphi adaptabilidad

Adaptability to the context

Glouphi empatía


Our Leaders

A multidisciplinary team of professionals coordinated by three leaders; combining the technical, socio-environmental and quality approach in all our processes.

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Israel Guevara

Oil Engineer and
Data Science

"Engineering applied to social context helps us to create new possibilities"

Isamar Rolón_edited.jpg

Isamar Guevara

Biology and Audiovisuals

"A holistic vision allows us to understand the social ecosystem"

Foto Zhunio.jpg

Jonathan Zhunio

MSc. Integral Quality Mgt. and Teacher

"Standardization and monitoring is necessary for continuous improvement"

What is Glouphi?

Our brand is composed of two bases.

PHI: Greek letter that represents the golden number, a concept historically studied in the search to find a numerical translation for everything we see, hear or build around us, affirming that "Nature has the most perfect geometry".

GLOU: It refers to our Global vision, as an international partner in the creation of shared value between industry and society.

Bogotá, Colombia

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